November 3, 2019

Piano Moving

Whether you are moving, giving your piano to a relative or selling your old instrument, trust us to get it where it needs to go SAFELY. Many house movers claim to be capable of moving a piano. This is simply not true. Most house movers are not equipped with the proper equipment that is required to get your job done right. Not only are pianos VERY heavy, they are also very fragile. There are over 1,000 moving parts that make up your pianos action that works the instrument. There are over 230 strings in the average piano that are under a combined tension of 15 to 20 tons! B&N Piano averages 10,000 moves a year. This is what we do!

Are you renovating or do you think your piano would look better in a different room? Let one of our experienced piano specialist come and properly relocate your piano. Simply rolling a piano can do a lot of damage to your flooring. The heavy weight of your piano is distributed onto 3 or 4 small metal casters that will leave grooves in your hardwood floors or possibly tear your carpet

Many of our customers have old pianos that are taking up much needed space. Not only are pianos heavy, they are awkward to handle. It is VERY dangerous for the inexperienced to attempt a piano move. Use our stress free service to dispose of your old piano and regain your much needed space.

Let us watch over your piano in our fully insured Climate Controlled Facility. Whether it is a couple days or a couple years, you can count on us to safely store your piano.

B&N Piano is trusted by many of the main retailers in the greater Philadelphia area, such as Jacobs Music and Taylors Music of West Chester, to properly deliver their merchandise to their customers.

B&N Piano transports many brand new units in boxes from factories to the retailer. All of our piano specialists are well trained in correctly unboxing and assembling all pianos.

Jacobs Music is the sole representatives for Steinway and Sons in the greater Philadelphia region. As their movers, we move and store their concert pianos.

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